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Fleshlight Girls

Fleshlight Girls

Fleshlight Girls Custom Molded Masturbation Products

The complete range of products from our line of Fleshlight Girls male masturbation products. Each product is molded from the vaginas and mouths of the hottest internet and film porn stars. Each male sex toy includes the patented Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeve and unique Pearlescent Case.

Fleshlight Girls line of masturbators is cast from hottest porn stars on the planet. Fleshlight Girls line offers all the benefits of the original Fleshlight technology but with the realistic sexual sensations from the vagina, butt, and mouth openings molded from living and real-life hot women.

Each of the Fleshlight Girls strokers come with in a discreet pearlescent case. It has a realistic sleeve that recreates the actual pleasure of thrusting your favorite porn star.

Disguised as flashlights, the masturbators are from a successful line of male sex toys that enhance and give a new dimension to foreplay and sexual adventures of couples. Since Fleshlight Girls line is made of a lifelike material, its soft, stretchy, and flesh-like that would recreate that distinct sensual pleasure.


1. Real-life SuperSkin Material

All of the masturbators were made of patented materials that feel like real skin. It makes the sexual experience would be the most natural as possible.

2. Flexible

The products are the most flexible male sex toys that you can totally control.

3. Very Tight

The most amazing feature of this line of strokers is its additional tightness. It makes every thrust as satisfying as possible.

4. Temperature Responsive

You may warm the sleeve with water before using, and you'll get that right temperature for a more realistic encounter with your favorite porn stars.

Bring your fantasies to reality with Fleshlight Girls line of male sex toys. Cast from porn superstars' pussies, with additional tightness, and textured for sexual perfection, you can slide your monster into the inviting lips of your porn star of choice, and you'll reach your climax.