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Scadal Spreader Bar Red Adjustable From 24"/61cm Up To 36"/91.5cm

  • $10995

When you want to keep your partner in the perfect position the Scandal Spreader bar will ensure they are attached securely in just the right position. This bar is made of a heavy-duty metal that is wrapped in Scandals designer red and black fabric. Everything is double-stitched to reinforce and ensure the fabric lasts without fraying or coming off. It matches the other products in the Scandal line, especially the Scandal Control Cuffs. This bar attaches with universal O-rings to your own cuffs and has an adjustable width from 61 cm to 92 cm. The Spreader Bar is an extremely convenient and versatile piece of equipment for the bedroom. It can be used in bondage play to fasten the wrists, ankles, or knees to hold them apart. When placed between two cuffed wrists it keeps the arms spread away from the body so you can have unimpeded access to your partners torso. Between the legs it keeps your partner immobilized, unable to walk. It keeps the legs spread to allow easy access at just the right distance apart for access to the genitals. The bar can be attached to a cuff on each end, or even attached to a piece of furniture, or the floor, for suspension bondage. Try using two spreader bars, one at the knees and one at the ankles, forcing your lover to kneel down and take whatever is coming to them. This Scandal Spreader Bar is a wonderful piece of gear that matches with the other products from the Scandal fetish line and is easy and durable for creative play.
  • Width is adjustable from 24”/61 cm up to 36”/91.5 cm
  • Sturdy restraint bar for use with most cuffs
  • Universal O-rings (included)
  • Cuffs (not included)
  • Polyester (fabric) Nickel-Free Iron (bars, loops, pins)

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