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5 Ways to Improve your Sex Life

Posted by Toys That Tingle on

Whether you are young or old or in a short or committed long-term relationship, occasionally problems can pop up in the bedroom that requires some attention. Sexual health is an important part of your overall individual health and can make up a large part of your relationship. Experiencing problems with your sex life makes it more difficult to connect with your lover and can cause strain. Keep these five tips in mind to improve your sex life and reignite the spark you’ve been missing. 

1. Compliment
Compliment your partner on everything that attracts you to them, whether it’s a personal or physical trait. Re-assure them on how much you like their smile, their confidence, their eyes, their butt, their chest or whatever else gets your juices flowing! Don’t be afraid to get a bit risqué with your words, especially at times that mean you’ll need to wait a bit to get into action. If you’ve been wanting to try something, tell your partner and you may be pleasantly surprised with their reaction to your request. 
funny compliment partner gif
2. Modify your Routine
The same thing every day gets old and boring, and this can carry directly into the bedroom for your regular sexual activity. Instead of having sex in your bedroom, try somewhere else like in the shower, living room or even in multiple rooms of the house depending on where your adventures take you. If you usually get frisky at night, try initiating things in the morning before work to put a little pep in your step for the day. 
Living room sexy time
3. Give up some Control
Sex toys might seem a bit out of character for your personality, but they’re not all created equal. Try some fuzzy handcuffs or straps that allow you to tie your other half to the bed. Giving up some control, or taking it, can rejuvenate intimacy and re-spark the trust you have with your lover. 

4. Get a little slippery
You might have no problems with natural lubrication, but adding some lube can create a new experience and improve sex for the night in addition to other sex toys. We have them in a multitude of flavors for oral pleasure or try a warming or cooling sensation to venture into new territory. 
Lube wrestling ring
5. Dress Sexy
Even though clothes come off during sex, what you’re wearing beforehand can set the mood and give you and your lover a bit of a head start for the fun that is yet to come. Wear lingerie that accents your favorite features or purchase an edible option to create an evening you won’t forget. We have a huge range of lingerie available here at Toys That Tingle.

Your sex life isn’t something that you have to accept the way it is. If you or your partner are unhappy with the way things are going, take action to spice the bedroom back up, improve sex, and make it as enjoyable as you remember.
If you need any assistance at all with selecting the right product that will help spice up your sex life, please do not hesitate to ask one of our expert staff here at Toys That Tingle! 

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