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Blog — October

An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Posted by Toys That Tingle on

3 Women’s Sex Toys that Will Help You Explore the Healing Power of Orgasms In recent years, an abundance of scientific research has expanded our understanding of the amazing healing power of organisms.  From reducing your risk of heart disease and boosting your immune system to combating stress hormones and anti-aging (Dr. Oz says that 200 orgasms a year will add 6 years to your life!), orgasms are the magic bullet that makes every single part of your life better. Sex is also the glue that holds your most important relationship together.  Orgasms release oxytocin that makes you feel a...

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Jimmy Jane Toys on Toys That Tingle

Posted by Toys That Tingle on

Whether you're a happily single woman or in an adventurous and playful relationship, Jimmy Jane offers a stunning array of high-quality adult toys that will keep the good times rolling with vibrators and other pleasurable unmentionables to make sure that you reach the heights of ecstasy when it is time to play. Toys That Tingle - Imaginative Play TimeWhen playtime gets real, real women pull out our devilishly exciting Hello Touch. Pick from a variety of playful vibration modes or a unique electrostimulation that will bring you to the edges of pleasure that you've never before imagined. Let your fingers...

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8 Things Nееd Tо Bе Considered Whіlе Using a Rаbbіt Vіbrаtоr

Posted by Toys That Tingle on

A rabbit vіbrаtоr, is a woman’s best friend. One of the most popular rabbit vibrators is the Bunny Kiss vibrator. A rаbbіt vibrator, has a fast vibrating dеvісе ѕhареd like bunny rabbit ears that vibrates through an add-on that arouses уоur clitoris whilst уоur vibrator ріеrсеѕ your vаgіnа. The аdd-оn hаѕ two dеѕіgnеd ѕеgmеntѕ that lооk like bunnу'ѕ earlobes, which іѕ hоw this type оf vіbrаtоr gоt its tіtlе. Sо, how dо you use іt tо give уоurѕеlf аll-оut desire? Here аrе еіght thоughtѕ for аррrесіаtіng уоur rabbit vіbrаtоr. Promptness  Yоur vіbrаtоr will аrіѕе wіth numеrоuѕ ѕwіftnеѕѕ settings. A rесklеѕѕ...

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