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An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Posted by Toys That Tingle on

3 Women’s Sex Toys that Will Help You Explore the Healing Power of Orgasms

In recent years, an abundance of scientific research has expanded our understanding of the amazing healing power of organisms.  From reducing your risk of heart disease and boosting your immune system to combating stress hormones and anti-aging (Dr. Oz says that 200 orgasms a year will add 6 years to your life!), orgasms are the magic bullet that makes every single part of your life better. Sex is also the glue that holds your most important relationship together.  Orgasms release oxytocin that makes you feel a deeper connection to your partner and releases creative energy. There are so many reasons why you should have more and multiple orgasms, but just because you make it routine doesn’t mean you have to get stuck in a rut!  Throw in a few women’s sex toys and you’re good to go.  Here are 3 of our best-selling sex toys for women that will make it so easy to explore the healing power of frequent orgasms:

Lose Control, Let Go and Surrender to Your Impulses: the Eclipse 1050

Relax, let go, and hit all your sweet spots with the Eclipse 1050. One of the best things about this rabbit-style vibrator is the 7 rows of metal beads that rotate in different directions. It has seven speeds and has a soft, velvety feel.

Indulge in Your Fantasy Body Builder

Indulging in your body allows you to fully embrace your sexuality and sensuality. What better way to explore new places than with a realistic looking dildo from our Icon series?  Take your pick:  We have Jake Tanner, Pete Kuzak, Avi Dar, Ben Andrews, Bob Hagar and more! And they’re just gorgeous. These waterproof cocks are so realistic they feel like real skin.  I was about to say that they take you where no man has gone before, but that sounded geeky...and just wrong somehow.   You get what I mean. 

Challenge Old Habits: Learn Something New With the Felicity Wand

Unlearning old habits takes time and patience. Try teasing your G-spot, vagina and clit at the same time.   The Felicity Wand from Embrace makes this so easy to do. Basically, Dildo-like Wand + Dolfin-Shaped Clit Massager = Mind-blowing orgasm.  State of the art and worth every penny.

Frequent orgasms have also been shown to make you stronger and more beautiful. At Toys That Tingle, we love helping you discover all the toys that create joy, sexual healing and erotic pleasure in your life. What is your favorite go-to women’s sex toy?

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